Rigodon Full Movie 2012

Rigodon is a 2012 Australian horror film directed by Michael J. Bassett and written by Andrew Wight. It stars Sam Worthington, Ed Speleers, and Alex Russell.

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Rigodon ufffd a prehistoric monster movie that will leave you breathless! Come watch this thrilling adventure as a team of scientists and adventurers venture into the unknown in search of this elusive creature.


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What is Rigodon?

Rigodon is a traditional Filipino dance that is often performed during weddings and other special occasions. The dance is characterized by its fast-paced, energetic movements, and it is typically performed by a group of dancers who line up in two rows facing each other.

The plot of Rigodon

Rigodon is a 2012 Filipino thriller film directed by Erik Matti. The film stars RHEGO Bautista, Lauren Novero and JC De Vera. It was released on December 25, 2012 by Star Cinema.

The film follows the story of Rigo (Bautista), a man who is released from prison after serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. He is determined to find the real culprit and clear his name. Along the way, he meets Lia (Novero), a woman who is also looking for justice. Together, they try to uncover the truth behind the Rigodon – a dance that hides a dark secret.

The plot of Rigodon is thrilling and full of suspense. It will keep you guessing until the very end.

The cast of Rigodon

We are the cast of Rigodon, a new play by Sarah Ruhl. We are excited to be performing in this production and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Rigodon is a comedy about love, marriage, and infidelity. It follows the story of three couples who are all dealing with the same problem: one of them has been unfaithful. As they try to figure out what to do next, they must also contend with the fact that their children are all grown up and have problems of their own.

The cast of Rigodon includes:

Sarah Ruhl – She is the playwright and also directed the play.

Brian Dennehy – He plays John, one of the husbands who has been unfaithful.

Kate Burton – She plays Alice, John’s wife.

Ty Burrell – He plays Jeff, another husband who has been unfaithful.

Kristen Johnston – She plays Pam, Jeff’s wife.

Paul Rudd – He plays Nick, the third husband who has been unfaithful.

Amanda Peet – She plays Lauren, Nick’s wife.

The music of Rigodon

Rigodon is a type of music which originated in the Philippines. It is a mixture of traditional Filipino and Spanish musical styles, and is usually played on the guitar or bandurria. The name Rigodon comes from the Spanish word “rigodufffdn”, meaning “a dance in which couples exchange partners”.

Rigodon is a popular form of music in the Philippines, and is often heard at weddings and other celebrations. It has a lively, upbeat sound which makes it perfect for dancing. If you’re looking for something to get your feet moving, then Rigodon is the perfect choice!

The reception of Rigodon

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Rigodon, but the reception it got was quite something. It was a hit with audiences and critics alike, and won several awards. The story is set in the Philippines during the Marcos era, and follows a group of friends who are trying to make their way in the world. The film is funny, moving, and ultimately uplifting.

Where to watch Rigodon

If you’re looking for a place to watch Rigodon, you’ll want to head over to YouTube. There are a number of channels that feature the film, and it’s easy to find one that offers the version you’re looking for. Just type “Rigodon” into the search bar and you’ll be presented with a variety of options.

Once you’ve found a channel that has the film, simply click on the play button and enjoy. You may need to sit through a few ads before the movie starts, but that’s just part of the experience of watching films on YouTube. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even discover some new music or videos while you’re there.


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