Ninigret Park Movie Night

The event is a celebration of the fall season, and will include pumpkin carving, hayrides, games, and more. In the spirit of Halloween, the park will also be hosting its annual haunted house on Saturday night.

The Ninigret Park Movie Night is a free event that will be held on Saturday, September 30th at Ninigret Park. There will be a screening of the movie The Princess Bride and food trucks will be available for purchase.

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Looking for a fun way to spend an evening? Why not come to Ninigret Park and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie! We’ll have popcorn, snacks, and refreshments available for purchase. Bring your family and friends, and enjoy a night out on the town!


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The Movie

A movie is a story told on film. It is a visual medium that uses moving pictures to tell a story. Movies can be fiction or non-fiction, and they can be either live-action or animated.

The word “movie” comes from the French word “mouvement,” which means “movement.” This is because movies are made up of a series of still images that are shown in rapid succession, giving the illusion of movement. The first movies were created in the late 1800s, and they have been popular ever since.

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The Experience

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The People

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The Conclusion

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