How to Build a Outdoor Movie Screen

Building an outdoor movie screen is a fun summer project that the whole family can enjoy. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready to host your own backyard movie night in no time.

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Building an outdoor movie screen is a fun summer project that the whole family can enjoy. It’s also a great way to save money on movie night. With a few simple materials and a little bit of elbow grease, you can build a high-quality movie screen that will provide years of entertainment.

Here are the basics of how to build an outdoor movie screen:

1. Choose a location for your screen. An open field or backyard is ideal.

2. Collect the materials you will need. You will need PVC pipe, mesh fabric, zip ties, and a projector.

3. Build the frame for your screen. Cut the PVC pipe into lengths that will form the sides and top of your screen. Use zip ties to attached the pieces of pipe together at the corners.

4. Attach the mesh fabric to the frame using zip ties or staple gun. Make sure the fabric is tight and there are no wrinkles or gaps.

5.- Hang your outdoor movie screen from a tree or other sturdy support using ropes or bungee cords.- Set up your projector and enjoy!

Materials needed

To build an outdoor movie screen, you’ll need the following materials:
-A frame (1x3s or 2x4s)
-Rope or bungee cords
-Stakes or sandbags (for anchoring the screen)
-A projector
-A DVD player or computer with a DVD drive

Tools needed

In order to build an outdoor movie screen, you will need the following materials:
-PVC pipe
-Zip ties
– movies!

Step-by-step guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide to building an outdoor movie screen. The best part is that you can make it as big or small as you want, and you don’t need a fancy projector to enjoy movies under the stars.

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What You’ll Need:
-A piece of PVC pipe or a dowel rod
-A white sheet or a roll of white paper
-A stapler
-A ladder (if your screen will be taller than you are)

1. Cut your PVC pipe or dowel rod to the desired width of your screen. If you’re using a sheet, measure and mark the width of your screen on the fabric before cutting.
2. Tape one end of the PVC pipe or dowel rod to one side of the sheet. Be sure to leave enough fabric at the bottom so that it can hang over the edge of a table or other surface. If you’re using a paper roll, tape one end of the paper to the dowel rod or PVC pipe.
3. Roll the fabric or paper around the pole until it’s tight, then tape or staple it in place along the other side. You may need someone to help hold it in place while you staple it.
4. Hang your screen from a projector stand, on a fence, or from any other sturdy structure. If you’re hanging it from a stand or fence, use clamps or heavy-duty tape to secure it in place. If you’re hanging it from another structure, be sure to use nails or screws that are long enough to go through both the fabric and into the wood so that your screen doesn’t blow away in windy weather!

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for building an outdoor movie screen:

1. Choose a location that is flat and has good drainage.

2. Make sure the location is large enough to accommodate the screen and the audience.

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3. Choose a sturdy frame for the screen. PVC pipe or metal tubing works well.

4. Cover the frame with mosquito netting or another type of screen material.

5. Hang the screen from a tree or other structure using hooks or zip ties.

6. Set up your projector on a stable surface, such as a table or tripod. Focus the image onto the screen.

7. Enjoy your movie!


Q: Do I need a special projector for an outdoor movie screen?
A: You will need a projector that is bright enough to be seen in daylight. A standard office projector will not work.

Q: Do I need a sound system for my outdoor movie screen?
A: No, you do not need a sound system. The projector will provide the sound for the movie.

Q: What size screen do I need for my outdoor movie screen?
A: The size of the screen should be based on the size of the area you are projecting onto and the distance from the projector to the screen. A good rule of thumb is that the screen should be 1/6 the width of the area you are projecting onto. For example, if you are projecting onto a 10 foot wide area, your screen should be approximately 16 feet wide.


In conclusion, an outdoor movie screen is a great way to enjoy movies in your own backyard. With a little planning and some basic materials, you can build your own outdoor movie screen that will provide hours of enjoyment for family and friends.

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There are a few ways you can go about setting up an outdoor movie screen, and the best way will depend on a few factors. If you have a backyard and plenty of yard space, you could build a permanent backyard movie theater by paneling a section of your fence with white PVC boards. You could also use an inflatable movie screen that hangs from trees or a frame in your yard; these screens typically range in size from 10 to 16 feet wide. If you don’t have yard space or if you want to be able to take your outdoor movie setup with you when you travel, consider investing in a portable movie screen that folds up into a carrying case.

About the author

My name is John and I am a huge movie fan. I love going to the theater, but sometimes it is just not possible. I also love being outdoors, so when I found out that I could combine the two by building an outdoor movie screen, I was all in!

I researched online and found that there are a few different ways to build an outdoor movie screen. I decided to go with the PVC pipe method because it seemed like the most sturdy option. Plus, it was relatively inexpensive and easy to find all of the supplies.

I started by measuring the area where I wanted my screen to go. Then, I cut the PVC pipe to size and attached it to my garage using zip ties. Next, I hung a white sheet over the PVC pipe and secured it with additional zip ties.

Now, every time there is a new movie release that I want to see, I can just invite some friends over, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show!

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